About Us

You like rocking fresh, quality gear, representing your city and the teams you love. Just like us!

But let's be honest, generic team merch is often boring and basic, made by suits who don't follow our teams.

So as diehard fans, we designed our own.

young male and female wearing tees designed by Hella Rooted reppin Dub Nation & Niner Empire

At Hella Rooted, we say goodbye to boring, unauthentic designs created by faceless suits who couldn't care less about our teams. Our gear is the epitome of authenticity, crafted by fans for fans. Feel the electric energy of The Bay with Hella Rooted, where being a fan is more than just wearing a logo - it's a way of life.

Whether you're strolling around town or catching a game, our drip keeps you Hella Rooted ✌️.